Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Sign update...

....remember a few posts back where I stated I was posting up signs telling the kids things I hated repeating to them over and over? Well I totally forgot about it but a new reader (Hi DM!) asked that I post how it's here's how it turned out...

The sign in the family room that says "No food or drink in the family room" works FABULOUSLY!!! Much better than I could have hoped for. I can't tell you how nice it is to have the kids ask "Mom can I eat/drink this in the family room"! I just tell them "The sign says you can't so the answer is no" and THEY ACCEPT THAT ANSWER!!!!!!! *jaw dropping on desk*

The one that says "No TV time" works when it's up, but since I usually put it on the TV it's not up all the time and it did get misplaced for a while. In all actuality it works even if I don't put it up. Sure they grumble when I tell them to turn off the TV and go do something else, but at least they are listening.

The other two signs "No books left on the floor" and "No toys left downstairs" are kind of hit and miss. The book sign works better, but as I look behind me where the books are kept I do see a few on the floor, but nothing like it was before. The toy one also works on a occasion but at least the toys that are left downstairs are small and easy to put in a small pile. Usually it's the Legos that are left downstairs, which while small are VERY painful if you step on them in bare feet, so that's a mixed result there.

With this success I am tempted to make a sign stated all the things that must be accomplished before the kids can turn the TV on when school is in session. They can watch some cartoons as long as they are dressed, fed, hair and teeth brushed and shoes located. But sometimes I forget to remind them of that so I think I need a sign to help remind

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DM said...

Thanks! I think I might have to try this. I could get carried away!