Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I think it's been long enough....

....that I'm able to blog about it now.

Almost 3 and a half weeks ago, on the last day of dear sweet hubby's vacation, we made one of the toughest decisions we've ever made.

We decided that it was in the best interest of the family and of the dog, Rocky, that we find him a new home.

His shedding was out of control and making mine and dsh's asthma worse than it already was. Then there was the fact he was chewing on himself out of boredom. I mean life is hectic for the rest of us, but for him it was just about as boring as it could get. I didn't have time between housework, yard work and taking care of the kids to walk him on a regular basis and dsh works two jobs and has little time to spend with his human family let alone with the canine member.

It was especially hard on dsh as Rocky was his dream dog, but it was him who made the choice to do what was right for everyone involved. It hurt me as well but even more so to see dsh in such pain. I told him we didn't have to do it, we could figure something out so that he could stay, but dsh just said no, that it was best for the dog to find a family who had not only the time to focus on him but the space for him to run around in.

I still get upset when I think about it, as I feel like we really let the dog down. Of course it wasn't the most thought out decision we ever made, it was a very impulsive decision made two years ago. We tried to stick it out, to not shirk our responsibility of being a pet owner, but we just couldn't keep fooling ourselves. At this stage in our family we just don't have the time or resources to have a pet that requires so much attention.

Sure, we have the two cats we've had since college, but they are going on 15 years old and won't be around too much longer. Plus they are pretty much low maintenance cats. You just put out fresh water, food and make sure their litter box is clean and they are happy campers. Plus most of the time they just prefer to be left alone so they can sleep. No need to worry about them getting bored!

So now we are back to being a no dog family, as Little Man puts it. Dsh isn't sure he wants to try having a dog ever again, but I'm thinking that maybe a few years down the line after the cats have moved on to that happy mouse hunting ground in the sky, we might try again. But I can tell you this much, if we do decide to try being dog owners again it will be with a NON shedding medium to small sized dog who is quite happy sleeping most of the time!


Lindsay said...

You could always do a schnauzer or a poodle. Neither breed sheds. But, the draw back is that they require professional grooming unless you are handy with clippers on your own.
Sad to see that it was a hard decision. We have had to "hand-me-down" pets as well over the years for various reasons. We have been really blessed with the current farm of critters that now call us their family. Glad to see that as responsible pet owners you did the right thing for your pet as well as your family by finding a good home. Sad that so many other pet owners don't give their pets the same courtesy.
Hope you find the perfect fit one day...somewhere down the line.

McMom said...

We had to give our dog away a few months back . . . to old to get up and down our stairs. But on a happier note, I gave you a blog award. Go visit my blog to pick it up!