Saturday, November 28, 2009

It's been WAY too long...

...since I last posted, but so much has been going on around here.

There's not only the day to day chaos that this household experiences but our dear sweet neighbors had to up and move to Michigan. They found out that their son-in-law had been doing unmentionable things to their two grandsons (ages 1 & 2). The son-in-law is now in jail, their daughter is in a safe house and their grandsons are in foster care. The monster claimed that his wife not only knew about the unentionable things but was a part of it, which is false. But the courts have to play it safe and put the boys in foster care.

Here's where the move came into play.

Our neighbors wanted to get custody of the boys but in order to do so they had to live in Michigan. So of course they moved.

This whole situation has affected me as I didn't think it would. I'm friends with my neighbors daughter but not what I'd call really good friends. But still to hear what had happened and the pain she was going through I couldn't help but be affected.

It's the closest I've ever come to anything like this and just the thought that that monster had spent time with my children (never alone thank goodness) made me sick to my stomach. I just hope against all hope that those boys are young enough that they can forget all that has happened and grow into healthy productive members of society and not turn into the monster that their father has become.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Yet another snow storm in October...

This time it was enough to have the first two snow days of the 2009-2010 school year. So on Wednesday and Thursday, October 28th and 29th, we spent at home watching the snow fall. In all I think the total was about 21" and I can't tell you how happy the kids were that they had school on Friday the 30th, as it meant they'd have their Halloween parties/carnivals at their respective schools....I was just happy to not have them home for 5 days straight!!! Not sure what I will do when Thanksgiving break comes....

November already????

Where did October go???

Seriously I think the month just flew by. The first week was filled with my mom's visit. Then I spent at least a week catching up on all the housework I gladly put aside to spend time with my mom.

Then of course we had to get ready for Halloween. And while I always love decorating and planning for Halloween for some strange reason on the day of Halloween I can't wait to get it over and done with. I know strange behavior for someone who claims that Halloween is one of her favorite holidays.

Today we not only have to adjust to the end of daylight savings but I also plan on taking down Halloween and putting up Thanksgiving decorations. Of course I'm kind of dragging today since I was up last night with Little Man who woke up crying because of growing pains. So we'll see how much of that taking down of Halloween I get to.....