Thursday, December 17, 2009

Letter to Santa 2009

Dear Santa, All I want for Christmas is a good nights sleep. You know, one where I don't roll over to get comfortable and realize that my bladder (which is apparently the size of a pea these days) is full then lay there awake wondering if I can wait until the alarm goes off to empty it then my brain realizes I'm awake and my tummy starts growling wanting me to feed it.
Or a night where my almost 15 yr old cat doesn't jump/claw her way onto the bed and then lay on top of me trying to find some body heat to help soothe her achy joints or her brother doesn't see me roll over and think I'm awake then start to meow at me wanting me to pet him in the middle of the night. Or a night where my hubby doesn't emit loud gas waking me up because he no longer snores thanks to his breathing machine.
Or a night where one of my three sweet (but kind of large for their ages) children don't come into bed because they can't sleep in their own bed or had a nightmare and then proceed to fall right back to sleep hogging up my side of the bed because even though daddy doesn't snore any more his breathing machine makes him sound like Darth Vader.
THEN....they toss and turn and at some point clock me in the head with a flailing arm or Heaven forbid, a leg! Oh and if I could wake up from all this WITHOUT a sore back I would be so grateful! Is that too much to ask????
Love, a very tired Julie =]

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