Saturday, January 16, 2010

I've got the first week under my belt.....

....and it had it's ups and downs.

A, the little boy I'm working with, was great the first day, but then he started to test me. That was a bit frustrating but I knew he was just trying to see if I was going to be like his other teachers, who hold him accountable for his actions, or his mother, who does everything for him. Well he soon found out that I was not like his mother, but his other teachers.

Thursday was especially frustrating as his mother came into volunteer and proceeded to focus solely on A and not the other kids. I wasn't the only one frustrated, the teacher of the class is going to have a meeting with mom next week to discuss this situation and hopefully she'll either get the message and start helping all the kids or decide to not come in at all.

Friday we had a fantastic day with A doing all I asked him to do! I was so excited I darn near did back flips. Well okay I couldn't have done back flips if I wanted to, well maybe I could have but I would have ended up in the!

So now that I have the first week down and am feeling more comfortable I think this is going to be even better than I had hoped. Now if only I could get on permanently instead of for just this semester, then everything would be perfect!


Allie and Pattie said...

Go Julie, Go Julie, Go Julie!!! You did exactly the right thing-show love, but set limits. Funny, but one of the little ones I watch has some issues and we are absolutely convinced that his mother is part of the problem. I hope she's open to what the teacher says to her.

CVclassof85 said...

Hi Julie J. - oops, I mean G.-

Wonderful blog! It's been fascinating reading this and getting a glimpse of your life nowadays. I've thought of you from time to time as someone I wished I'd gotten to know better "back in the day." Even in grade school you always stood out as a warm and sweet and special person.

Not intending this to sound creepy or anything - sometimes you just look back over the years and realize there were people who you wish you'd reached out to more, but didn't for whatever reason (shyness, embarrassment, plain old stupidity, etc.)

Well, Facebook (what else?) led me to your blog, and I'm not at all surprised to see that, in adulthood, you've become a sweet, wise and caring mom and wife. Good for you.

Some of the things I've read here seem to indicate that you weren't the happiest camper in Jr. High/High School (neither was I, by the way...).

So I just wanted to let you know that you HAVE touched people throughout your life (even during those awkward teen years) just by being who you are - even if you weren't aware of it, and even if they never said anything at the time.

An Old Classmate