Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Is it a bit too extreme.... want to burn down my house and rebuild so that I can finally rid my family of this stomach bug that just won't go away????

Okay to give a little back story...........

At 3 am Tuesday February 2nd I am awakened by Tink who says she just puked in her bed. Oh happy happy joy joy! :\ I clean that up best I can being half awake and go back to bed. Luckily I have one of the world's greatest babysitters and she didn't bat an eye when told that Tink would be staying home with Little Man while I was at work because she was sick. Poor Tink got sick all day until about 1 and then seemed to be doing better. However that night she threw up again. Not sure if I should send her to school I called to see if my babysitter could come on an unscheduled day, she couldn't and Dear Sweet Hubby couldn't leave work, so I got to stay home. Then that night Little Man got sick, followed by Tink again and then I joined in on the fun. Poor Peaches was up all night long getting sick, but thankfully she can make it to the toilet. Little Man and Tink had buckets by their beds.

Well needless to say last Thursday we all stayed home, well except Dear Sweet Hubby. It wasn't a fun day at all. Friday we were all well enough to go back to school/work. But the next morning DSH was nauseous. The worst part about that was we had tickets to a monster truck rally that afternoon. Well he was in no shape to go so I took the kids and my wonderful babysitter's 11 yr old son to the monster truck rally alone. DSH seemed better on Sunday but then on Monday he was worse again. Little Man had some diarrhea so he stayed home with DSH while the girls went to school and I went to work. Yesterday DSH went to work and seemed better. But Little Man was still dealing with his south end.

This morning DSH seemed worse again and Little Man was saying he wanted to stay home but seemed perfectly fine. I thought he just wanted to stay home with daddy, so off to school he went, along with the rest of us. DSH is working lates the rest of the week so he was home this morning. Well while at work I was told that our pre-school teacher called and said that Little Man had thrown up at school. (So sorry Miss E) Well I called DSH to pick him up as I really didn't want to leave if I didn't have to. He did pick him up but then when I went out to recess with the little boy I work with Peaches, whose class was just finishing with their recess came running up to me saying she wasn't feeling well and wanted to go home with me when I left at noon. So after I was done I went looking for her to see how she felt but she said she'd try to stick it out the rest of the day. When I get home Little Man looks a little off but okay and DSH looked not so good but he went to work anyway. I think the only thing that DSH hates more than being sick is calling in sick to work, so off he went.

Needless to say I want this bug to finally leave our house and never return but the worst part is that DSH's sister is coming to visit with her three year old daughter this weekend and I so want it to be a nice visit. So can we all say "Lysol"??? I plan on spraying the whole dang house in hopes of getting this bug out of here! I've had enough of puke and poop to last me quite a while, thank you!

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Allie and Pattie said...

Awww, Julie. All I can do is send a big {{{{hug}}}}

xoxo Pattie