Sunday, April 25, 2010

Guilty as charged, your Honor

What am I guilty of you may be asking yourself? Well a lot of things actually but 98% of them I don't want to share here...d'oh....but I will say I am massively guilty of just visiting my blog to change the background and to listen to my play list. Honestly I think about posting on here but then when it comes time for me to sit down in front of the computer I usually want to veg out on Facebook instead. And even more unfortunate is how easy it is to veg out on Facebook and lose at least an hour, if not more, of time.

So for someone who is working for the first time since July 2001(albeit part-time), trying to keep the house clean, and keep up with laundry for 5 people, posting on my blog seems to have landed on a back burner. I apologize for this and will try my hardest to at least get in one post a week from now on. I really do love the therapuetic feeling that posting on here gives me. I feel like my load has lightened, especially when I vent on here. Who knows how many people actually read what I write but it's nice to know I've let it fly, whatever it may be, and don't have it bottled up inside still. So now that I've vented about not posting on here I think I'll go move some laundry around and fold some and then get real wild and even put some away...WOO HOO!!! ;)

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Allie and Pattie said...

I ALWAYS read what you write! It makes me feel like we're visiting! :)
xoxo Pattie