Friday, May 7, 2010

Isn't 37 a little old for getting strep throat???

I always assumed it was one of those teenage illnesses like mono that you got from making out with someone with complete disregard for whether or not they had siblings at home who were sick, or better yet made out with someone else recently who was contagious.

Never having been lucky enough to have experience this "lovely" illness I had no clue that I might have it this morning when I woke up with a killer sore throat. I just thought I was oh so lucky enough to be catching Little Man's cold he had at the beginning of the week. But oh no, I was wrong. The teacher I work with reminded me that the student I work one-on-one with came down strep throat last weekend. And since this boy is very prone to spitting when he talks or decides to make farting noises so he can say "Excuse me.", I guess I should have known I would get it.

So off to the doctor I went this afternoon. Thankfully they can do the test for strep throat in the office. So I found out right away. Nope 37 is not too old to get strep throat. Yea me...NOT!

You know it's bad when you'd rather drool than swallow your own spit. I sure as heck hope that the antibiotics kick in REAL SOON!!! I don't think I can handle another day or so of this pain. Tink keeps saying her throat hurts real bad too but I almost think she'd be crying if it hurt as bad as mine does. She told me not even an hour after I gave her ibuprofen that her throat felt better, so it can't hurt as much as mine. She probably just wants the sympathy too. But I'll keep an eye on her so if it does seem to be bugging her more I'll take her in as well.

All I know is that we are dang lucky to not have caught this as a family earlier. But I hope with all I am and all I have that we NEVER EVER get this in our house again!!!!!!!!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

In total utter massive denial

The above picture was taken 5 years ago last Thursday the 29th and I'm in complete denial. I mean Little Man is my baby and I just refuse to believe that he is now old enough to attend public school. He was born just 4 months before Peaches starting Pre-K pre-school!!! WHERE HAS THE TIME GONE???

There is no way that my children are as old as they are!!! I don't mind my getting older, but they have to stay young forever!!! I know this sounds like an unreasonable and to some a crazy request, but I want them to stay young enough to still want to snuggle with me, to still need me when they hurt themselves and to still believe that I am the smartest person on the planet.

Because the older they get the more dorky and dumb I become to them....sniff sniff...I want my babies to stay babies......