Sunday, June 27, 2010

That's it.....I've hit the wall

And summer vacation can end right now and I wouldn't shed a tear! I've finally reached that place where I can no longer take having three kids home all day every day!!

What floors me is how people with numerous children, more than my three, insist on home schooling their kids!?!?!?!?!? What is the motivation to be constantly surrounded by your offspring??? Do they beat their children into submission so that the kids are absolutely terrified to act out or fight with their siblings??? Or are the parents so intoxicated or stoned that they don't care if they never have a moments peace??? I mean I find it very hard to believe that their children are just angels naturally and NEVER fight with the other children in their family.


Big Daddy has been saying how I have to watch over our children while they clean their rooms in order to make sure they do it right, as I found numerous items under their beds and on their beds when they were told to clean up the floor so the carpet could be vacuumed. Now how am I supposed to do laundry and clean the kitchen while watching them clean??? And at 5, 7, & 9 shouldn't they be able to do a simple task like cleaning their bedroom floors without having Mommy stand over them and point out every little thing that is out of place?????

Goodness, gracious, great balls of fire!!!!!!!!!!!!


Okay, okay, I need to stop venting now so I can lurch over them while they clean up their toys in the loft, as now it needs to be many days till school starts???????????????

Sunday, June 20, 2010

If it ain't broke....don't "fix" it

One day I decided to visit my blog and change a few things around. Granted this is not an uncommon occurrence, it was easy to do and I like to switch things up so I decided to do it. However I was shocked to learn that they had changed things on me!!! Now there was a whole new set up for changing the look of your blog.


No longer was it an easy switch to change the background of your blog! Oh no, now it was much harder, impossible even. That is unless you decide to use one of their background designs, then of course it was easy peasy, but if you want to use of the creative ones out there in internet land it was going to be as hard as humanly possible.

Heck I even found one website that showed me how to change my background even with the new "design" changes to Blogger. I followed every step to a "T" and it still didn't work. I kept getting error messages saying I left the required field blank. No I didn't you stupid site (oh excuse me, we are not allowed to say stupid in our house, so let me rephrase that...) you SILLY site!!! I specifically copied and pasted the image I want my background to be, not the oh-so-not creative ones you provided me with!!!


So now here I am on a Sunday night, still up at 10:30 trying to "fix" my blog just the way I want it................and it's not working. Forget putting a hex on those a/c repair people that cancelled on us THREE TIMES, I'm going to put my hexing abilities to use on the Blogger people!!! *GRRRRR*

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Can't win for trying.....

So since I'm not working anymore I thought it would be so much easier to get the house clean and organized, but boy was I wrong. If I work on cleaning the upstairs the downstairs looks like a tornado hit it and then if I work on the downstairs the upstairs looks like it got hit. Then if I work on dishes, which seem to be multiplying like rabbits, the laundry gets out of hand and vice versa.

I just can't seem to win no matter how hard I try!

Then I go and vent about something on Facebook and Big Daddy gets upset because it involves him. Don't worry we're not having issues, well other than the fact that I have a big mouth don't know when to keep it shut sometimes.

And lastly if I take the kids somewhere to keep them busy and not complaining then the house suffers and then if I stay home to take care of the house the kids complain and moan and groan!!!

I need a vacation.....*sigh*

Friday, June 11, 2010

I hate pigeons, yes I do, I hate pigeons, how 'bout you?

For some reason we have had pigeons all over the neighborhood this year and they are noisy little buggers. The "coo" all day long, scratch that, they "coo" all the time!!! Day or night. With the a/c on the fritz we've been sleeping with our window open and at night when you are trying to sleep you can hear them and it's really annoying.

Earlier I was out trimming some stubborn grass that has grown between the fence boards and the wire that is attached to the fence boards and I accidentally hit the wire and it kind of sounded like a shot, well the pigeon coo-ing away near me flew off. Maybe it thought it was being shot at. It got me into the plan of hitting the fence each time they got on my nerves, it worked for a while and they flew to a house top far enough away that I could still hear them but the hitting the fence didn't scare them off anymore. *UGH*

Of course my dislike for pigeons is not a new thing. I've hated them since college. I took a summer course on behavioral psychology, okay at least I think that was the name of it as it had to do with behaviors and it was part of my psych major classes. Anyway, my lab partner and I had a pigeon we had to deal with. For the life of me I can't remember what we did with those blasted pigeons but I do remember trying to get it into it's stinkin', and I do mean stinkin', cage and scratching the whole inside of my forearm. From elbow to wrist I was scratched from the wire of the cage! NOT FUN!!! I must have disinfected that wound well as I have no scar from it, other than an eternal dislike for pigeons!!! In a way I guess that class had a longer lasting affect on me than the professor probably anticipated. And something tells me she would have a really good laugh if she were to hear about it today!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Enjoyment or torture? Too close to call.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE my new background (a beach scene in case I get too restless and decide to change it before you might be reading this), but I'm now wondering if it will be an enjoyment for me or just plain torture since I am no where near a real beach, you know the one that has an ocean and not some lake as it's source of water.

You see I LOVE LOVE LOVE the beach. I used to live only 45 minutes away from it and did not take advantage of it while I lived there. And now that I'm firmly in the middle, or close to the middle, of the continent and no where near a beach, (you remember a real beach, not some lake beach), oh how I miss being able to pack up and head to a beach. Oh I miss it so very badly.

So promise me this, if you live near a beach, like say an hours drive away, please go visit it for me. Put your toes in the sand and close your eyes while you listen to the sound of the crashing waves. Because if I could that's exactly what I'd like to be doing right now.....*sigh*

POST NOTE: Please know that Blogger has since changed their blog design set up which made it impossible for me to have the beach background. As now it is impossible to use any design other than theirs and even though they do have a beach background when you use it you only see the sky and none of the beach....*UGH*

Saturday, June 5, 2010

All by myself.....

...don't wanna be
all by myself....

....well okay actually I do enjoy being all by myself nowadays. There's so much going on in a house with three children that sometimes it's oh so nice to be the only one around.

Right now for instance the firefighter behind us is having a bar-be-que that he has invited some neighbors to. Big Daddy is working and the kids didn't notice the party till right before I made dinner, so now of course they want to be where the action is. Me? I'm not in the social mood right now. I'm not feeling 100% at the moment and don't necessarily want to be around others. Don't worry it's nothing serious, just having intestinal issues that don't make me good company, lol. So I made dinner alone, ate dinner alone and am now changing things on my blog. I thought about posting but wondered what it would be titled and then I came up with "All by myself...." which promptly caused the song by Eric Carmen to pop into my head. So I added it to my play list, it's the last one in case you go looking for it.

But even when I am feeling 100% I do enjoy being all by myself. In fact some nights I'm excited that Big Daddy goes to bed before me. The solitude does a person's soul good I think. I get to do what I want to do and when you are a wife and mother of three that is a rare thing. During the day it's usually what the kids want to do and at night when Big Daddy and I watch TV together we have to agree on what to watch, so a compromise on one of our parts usually has to occur. But when I'm all by myself I don't have to compromise or allow others to have their way for fear they'll pitch a fit.

So right now I'm quite content being......*sing with me*....All by myself.....

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Ah summer vacation, may I not waste you and actually accomplish all I wish to do!

Whew, after that long title I'm not sure I can elaborate too much on the really I can as anyone who knows me will attest to....I'm not often at a loss for words or ways to elaborate on a subject.

So summer vacation.....I have so many plans to accomplish so many things. I want to paint my bathroom, the rest of the walls in my bedroom, clean and organize the loft and my childrens' bedrooms, paint the powder room downstairs and hopefully transform myself into an uber organized person who, if employed in the new school year, will not have such a hard time keeping up with laundry and keeping the house clean. Of course that last one will probably be nearly impossible, but hey one can dream right?

Right now Big Daddy, aka Dear Sweet Hubby, is on vacation and we are trying to accomplish quite a few projects around the house. We've cleaned the garage, did some much needed yard work, installed a screen/storm door, installed ceiling fans in the kids' bedrooms, and Big Daddy redid the brakes on my car. Today is his second to last day off and he is pooped!!! The poor guy is taking an afternoon off from doing any more projects. There is just one last project I'd like him to accomplish before he has to return to the working world and that is to install a pet door in the door to the garage, so that we can finally put the litter box in the garage and not have it in my laundry room. Doing laundry is bad enough but when the room smells like pee and poop it's even worse, ick!!!

So keep your fingers crossed that I am able to accomplish all that I wish to do and more importantly that I get a call about being hired back in the new school year, as now that I've had a taste of being in the working world again I don't know if I could go back to being home all day everyday again!