Thursday, June 3, 2010

Ah summer vacation, may I not waste you and actually accomplish all I wish to do!

Whew, after that long title I'm not sure I can elaborate too much on the really I can as anyone who knows me will attest to....I'm not often at a loss for words or ways to elaborate on a subject.

So summer vacation.....I have so many plans to accomplish so many things. I want to paint my bathroom, the rest of the walls in my bedroom, clean and organize the loft and my childrens' bedrooms, paint the powder room downstairs and hopefully transform myself into an uber organized person who, if employed in the new school year, will not have such a hard time keeping up with laundry and keeping the house clean. Of course that last one will probably be nearly impossible, but hey one can dream right?

Right now Big Daddy, aka Dear Sweet Hubby, is on vacation and we are trying to accomplish quite a few projects around the house. We've cleaned the garage, did some much needed yard work, installed a screen/storm door, installed ceiling fans in the kids' bedrooms, and Big Daddy redid the brakes on my car. Today is his second to last day off and he is pooped!!! The poor guy is taking an afternoon off from doing any more projects. There is just one last project I'd like him to accomplish before he has to return to the working world and that is to install a pet door in the door to the garage, so that we can finally put the litter box in the garage and not have it in my laundry room. Doing laundry is bad enough but when the room smells like pee and poop it's even worse, ick!!!

So keep your fingers crossed that I am able to accomplish all that I wish to do and more importantly that I get a call about being hired back in the new school year, as now that I've had a taste of being in the working world again I don't know if I could go back to being home all day everyday again!

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Allie and Pattie said...

Jules, they'd be nuts to let you go! The call will come- I just KNOW it. You guys have been very productive- wanna come here next?
xoxo Pattie