Friday, July 2, 2010

17 years and counting...

It was on this date 17 years ago that Big Daddy and I officially became a couple. And even though it was technically after midnight making it July 3rd and not July 2nd, Big Daddy said it wasn't really the 3rd until after you went to bed and woke up. So for the last 16 years we've celebrated our dating anniversary a day earlier than we really should. I'm not really going to argue with him about it though, as I'm glad to have that extra day with that hard-working, soft-lovin' man of mine.

I always chuckle when I think of how the state of our "coupleness" came about. We were saying "goodbye" after hanging out at my parents house and I asked him "So does this mean we are a couple now?" Big Daddy replied "I don't know, I'm not very good at long distance relationships." You see I was a little over a month away from going away to college. I would be 3+ hours away, but only for one semester as Big Daddy was already planning on going to the same college starting the semester after I would be up there. For years I used to tell people that either I did all the work in our relationship during those short 4 months or he was better at it than he thought. ;)

One month shy of our 3 year dating anniversary he popped the question by telling me he had a present in his pants. Now I know what you are thinking but his shorts didn't have any pockets so the ring box was literally in his pants, or at least the waist band of his pants. LOL Classic Big Daddy! Then 13 months later we were hitched, just 10 days after our 4 year dating anniversary. So that means in 10 days we will have been married for 13 years!!!

Where has the time gone???

I have no clue but I can tell you that I have thoroughly enjoyed the last 17 years with Big Daddy and I wouldn't change a thing, in our relationship that is.

So here's to another 17 years Big Daddy!!! May they be filled with as much love and laughter as the past 17 years!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!

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Danelle said...

Congratulations! Today and again in 10 days.