Friday, July 30, 2010

Love goggles

Often we hear the expression "Beer goggles" when a man gets very intoxicated and ends up spending some intimate time with a woman he finds less than attractive the next morning when he's sober, but I have a new term that I just realized I have been experiencing....."Love goggles".

Big Daddy is a big man, a little over 6'3" and a little over 300 lbs. (good thing I do not use his real name, although most of my followers know exactly who he is, don't tell him about this please). But I've never really noticed that he's probably at his heaviest these days until I saw some pictures that my mother-in-law took during their visit with us a few weeks back.

Seriously I was shocked when I saw some of the pictures at exactly how big of a figure he is these days. So I must be looking at him on a daily basis through my "Love goggles", as how else could I not notice it?

I still see him with my minds eye that recalls him from our dating days. Now granted he wasn't a skinny Minnie back when we were dating but he sure wasn't anywhere near what he is now.

Now I can't really say that it is a case of "Love is blind" as I do notice his receding hair line and that patch in the back that is getting a bit thinner these days, but for some reason I don't notice the weight change.

But it doesn't bother me that I see him through my "Love goggles", as he's still the same man who makes me laugh, does a wonderful job of supporting our family, loves our children with all his heart and frustrates me on a regular basis....let's just hope he has on his "Love goggles" when he's looking at me lately too....d'oh


Allie and Pattie said...

Julie, you are SO sweet. :)
xoxo Pattie

Bee said...

Love this! I think y'all are both beautiful people!