Sunday, August 1, 2010

The only kind of shopping I detest.... underwear shopping!!!!!!!!!!!


I swear it's the only time I ever hate having to go shopping. It never seems to fit and you can't exactly try on the underpants in the fitting room like you can a bra. But that's not to say I like buying bras any more than I like buying underpants!!!

It amazes me that two bras made by the same company, in the same style and and the same size can fit so differently just because they are different colors. I bought two bras, one tan and one black and the tan one fits so much better than the black one and the color is the only difference......go figure!

And underpants.....oh Heavens how I hate buying underpants. Back when I was young I starting wearing (TMI ALERT) what some laughingly call butt floss, yup thongs. I loved them because they gave me no pantie lines, which I think I might actually hate more than underwear shopping. But as I got older and the backside got wider I just couldn't do it any longer. But there is something so depressing about going from such little fabric in a pair of thongs to all that fabric on a pair of low-rise briefs.

Really? Is my butt really that big???????


Yep, I'm now wearing low-rise briefs, which makes me feel old, as I always associated brief underpants with old ladies. But at least I went with the low-rise, so that makes them somewhat younger, right????

I can't even do the bikini underpants anymore, they ride up too easily and then I have a whole heck of a lot more fabric between my buns then I ever did when I wore thongs.

So now you know the one type of shopping I absolutely in no uncertain terms cannot stand. It's never easy, it's never fun and it's sure as heck never a boost to my self image......*sigh*

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Allie and Pattie said...

Oh Julie- ROFL!- I am SO with you! What IS up with the color of a bra affecting the fit??
xoxo Pattie