Friday, August 27, 2010

Someday my motivation will come......

(the title must be sung to the tune of "Someday my prince will come" from Snow White)

Here I am sitting in a quiet empty house with all kinds of freedom to clean the house out and get rid of "stuff" that I wanted to get rid of during the summer but I had three pairs of hawk eyes on me preventing me from doing it. But am I cleaning out all the "stuff"?

Nope, I'm on the computer again.

I get on here with the intent of searching for a job and end up wasting at least a few hours goofing around on Facebook, my most recent and most frustrating addiction.

Yep I get on here, turn on my tunes on my blog and then check for job listings on the school district website. Once I've seen that nope there are no new listings and I've applied for all the ones on there that I could qualify for already, I immediately head to FB and tell myself I'll just check things out and then go get some stuff done. But do I? Stay on for only a few minutes, I mean.......

Again nope.

I blame all on the fact that my motivation has disappeared along with chivalry and common courtesy. My motivation is about as extinct as the infamous T Rex.

Actually I am beginning to wonder if it ever did exist in the first place! I mean it's been MIA for so long now it could just be more myth than fact, kind of like the unicorn and Bigfoot!

So if you see my motivation please try to trap it and return it to me?!?! For now I'm going to fight the uphill battle that is removing myself from this way too comfortable chair in front of my computer so that I can actually get something constructive done today. ;)


Allie and Pattie said...

Ah, Julie- i keep wishing you lived closer, but then I'm thinking neither one of us would get anything done!
xoxo Pattie

Carin said...

SO addicting...I know how you feel!