Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Well I got a new anti-depressant from my doctor and for the first few days I was really feeling a difference and liking it.


Then I started to feel a difference I didn't like!

Itching, and lots of it!

I first thought it might be a side effect that would go away but after looking online I found out that if you have itching you should stop taking it immediately.

So I did.

But then the rash appeared.

It's not too bad, not like when I took amoxicillin and discovered I was allergic to it. But still it was a rash. I even took a half a Benedryl this morning in hopes it would stop the itching and not make me as drowsy as a full one would. But then that wore off and I never got a chance to take the other half.

So now here I sit itching not wanting to take anything until bed time, because Heaven help my family if I wake up too early because I'm itching.....I won't be a very happy momma. And with Little Man starting kindergarten tomorrow, I don't need anything else to be unhappy about....*sniff sniff*

P.S. I'm back to taking the prior stuff that didn't seem to work as well, because well I have like two months worth left and I hate to waste it....so I'll take that and when that gets low I'll call my doctor for something else, or I'll go back to the original one I took that robbed me of my libido.....I mean heck who needs a libido when you have a red-blooded American male as a husband... ;)

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Danelle said...

C'mon, don't blame the anti-depressant for robbing you of your libido. I always blame the children. :)