Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Job Hunt 2010: Does an ego good....


You hear on the news and radio how finding a job in this economy is hard and you think to yourself, really how hard can it be? Then you go looking for a job yourself and then you realize it's REALLY hard!

I can't remember how many jobs I've applied for lately but I can tell you how many jobs I've

I've interviewed for two and gotten my hopes up, only to have them dashed when I didn't get the job.

It's really sad because now when I apply for a job it's with the thought "I'll probably never get this job" in my head. I used to think I was a smart woman with a lot to offer an employer but when Toys-R-Us won't even hire you it makes you start to think that maybe you aren't that great after all......*sigh*

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Bee said...

You are a smart woman with tons of good stuff to offer an employer. I don't understand how they've let you slip through their fingers. Bunch of idiots, I say!