Thursday, December 16, 2010

On the sixteenth day of Decem....oh forget it

I've failed miserably at keeping up on posting the things I love the most about the holidays, but in my defense it gets hard to think of things after you talk about the music, the wonder in children's eyes, the Christmas tree, the shopping and the goodies. I mean other than the movies, which I do adore, what else is there?

Plus I've been a bit bummed lately. I interviewed for a position as a special education paraprofessional and did not get the job. They never gave a real reason as to why, they just said they couldn't offer me a position at this time. Geesh, if I had a nickel for every time I've heard that lately I'd be able to buy a coffee at Starbucks, the nice coffees too!

So with my in-laws arriving next Monday, I think this may very well be my last post for 2010. With that being said, I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas surrounded by those you love and may your New Year be one of love, hope and happiness!!! =)

Thursday, December 9, 2010

On the ninth day of December my true love gave to me....

....hopefully more hours in the day.

Geesh! I swear I just did a post and then realized it had been two days....whoops.

Well maybe I'll make this into an every-other day kind of thing as I seem to be running out of things to say I love about the holidays. I mean other than the decorations, the Christmas tree, music and the awe on your children's faces when they see their gifts what is there???

The goodies, that's what!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the goodies that usually come with the holidays, cookies, brownies, cakes and FUDGE! Fudge is probably my favorite goody of the holiday season. I know that fudge isn't just a holiday goody like say fruitcake, which is rightfully relegated to just the holiday season, but for the life of me I can't figure out why anyone would want it at any time of the year. But fudge kits are most often found this time of year.

And here's another thing I can't figure out, why would anyone want to ruin the perfection that is fudge with walnuts???? Talk about one of the most foul nuts out there! I mean put some macadamia nuts in there and you'll have something. =D

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

On the seventh day of December my true love gave to me....

...the joy of watching the wide-eyed wonder on my children's faces when they see the presents under the tree Christmas morning.

You have to understand that we don't put out Christmas gifts until the kids are asleep on Christmas eve. That way they don't have the temptation to open any before hand and since they are my kids I know that temptation will be there. ;)

Also DSH and I think that having the tree full of presents on Christmas morning helps to make Christmas morning that much more special. That amazement at how many presents are under the tree would wear off if we put the Christmas presents out too early.

Plus Little Man was having a hard enough time waiting for Christmas last night when he found out his daddy and I went shopping for presents, so why torture the poor boy more by putting the presents under the tree and then telling him he can't touch them?

So until my kids are older and can actually wait till Christmas day to open their presents, we will keep putting the presents out on Christmas eve. My kids are already growing up way too fast as it is, so I don't want to lose that look of wonder on their faces just yet. =)

On the sixth day of December my true love gave to me....

....a day together of Christmas shopping.

So that is why I did not post yesterday, I was too busy going Christmas shopping with my true love. You see he is working Tuesday through Saturday at his main job which leaves his Mondays free. Yesterday was his first Monday off so we used it to go Christmas shopping for the kiddos. Which is actually the main reason for this post.

The next thing I love about the holiday season is Christmas shopping. Oh I love shopping any time of the year but for some reason it is so much nicer to go shopping for Christmas knowing that on Christmas morning my children's eyes will be wide with wonder when they see all the presents under the tree.

So while the stores may be packed at all hours of the day, I actually love Christmas shopping. However I love sleep a little bit more so I don't go out for Black Friday. ;)

Sunday, December 5, 2010

On the fifth day of December my true love gave to me....

...presents to wrap.

Well not yet, we haven't done our Christmas shopping yet, but we will don't worry. I also have presents my mom bought when she was out here visiting in October and ones she's ordered online to wrap. So I guess it's a good thing I like wrapping presents.

You'd think after working for a Hallmark store for 5+ years that I would not be so keen on wrapping presents, but I am. I used to love it back then and I still love it. I even still have a cool little tool I got while working at the Hallmark store that not only curls the ribbon but also shreds it so that the packages looks way cooler than they did before.

And I am proud to announce that while I still love to wrap packages I am a recovering wrapping paper addict. Every year after Christmas I'd buy wrapping paper on clearance, even if I didn't need any. Then one year I had WAY too much and I realized that I had a problem and it had to stop. So now if I do go past the Christmas decorations after the holiday I try my very best to not even glance at the wrapping paper. Now I just buy it on an as needed basis. It's a big step. ;)

I was going to wrap some presents last Friday but I was feeling a bit under the weather, so I'll do it one day this week while the kids are at school. I usually do it on the weekend with my bedroom door locked but that always results in children banging on my door and trying to peek underneath. So this year since they are all in school all day, I'll turn on my beautiful, beloved Christmas music and set up camp in the loft to wrap my heart away.

Ah the little joys of the season......=)

Saturday, December 4, 2010

On the fourth day of December my true love gave to me....

....snowmen and lots of them!

If you've ever been to my house at Christmas time you know that I have a thing for snowmen. They tend to take over my house this time of year and I don't mind a bit.

I don't know where the obsession began, but I do know that suddenly I couldn't resist a snowman decoration when I would hit the after Christmas clearance sales. Then slowly people started giving me snowmen as well. Now I have around 75 maybe 100 snowmen.

Maybe I find them fascinating as I grew up in an area of California where snow is something you see on TV or in the movies, as we never had in in our yards. Sure we used to be really pathetic and try and pretend that the frost was snow, but that was when I was young and my imagination could make it really seem like snow instead of frozen mist.

But now I live in an area that can get snow, blizzards even, and the obsession still exists. There's just something about a snowman that brings a smile to your face. And yes I realize that a snowman can be made in January or February, but ever since the Christmas song "Frosty the Snowman" snowmen have been associated with Christmas.

So on this fourth day of December the next thing on my list of my favorite things about the Christmas season is snowmen, making them, decorating with them and just plain enjoying their cheerfulness.

Friday, December 3, 2010

On the third day of December my true love gave to me...

....hopefully a Christmas tree! ;)

With that oh-so-subtle hint I'm sure you have been able to figure out that the next thing I love about the holidays is the grand old Christmas tree. Is there anything better than a nicely lit, beautifully scented Christmas tree at night when it's dark out and the children are all snuggled in bed, silenced by their slumber that, while it may have taken it's sweet time getting here, has finally arrived??? I think not! =)

When I was growing up we always had to have a fake tree as our dog Koko would try to eat the ornaments off of a real tree thinking they tasted as good as the tree smelled. The year after he passed away we finally got a real tree and it was a bittersweet experience, because although we all loved the smell of the tree we knew we had it because the dog was no longer with us. *sniff sniff*

Fast forward several years to 2005 when my in-laws gave us their fake tree as they had moved and no longer had the vaulted ceilings that the humongous tree needed to stand up. We used that tree for three years and then realized we had accumulated too much furniture in our tiny living room to use the tree anymore. See it was almost as wide as it was tall. Here's a picture that shows how big it was...... takes up HALF of the room, which is hard to see here, so you'll have to trust me.

The next year we purchased a real tree that was tall but not so wide.

And while I do miss the grand stateliness of that huge fake tree, I so do not miss putting it up. I was usually the only one to do it and every single time I would end up with little red dots all over my arms where the tree touched my skin. It didn't really itch so much as it hurt. So when we decided to get a real tree I was not all that disappointed.

Back to why today hopefully my true love will give me a tree......

Last Monday the kids had the day off from school and Dear Sweet Hubby was only to work a half day. So we thought we'd go get a $10 permit to cut down our own tree in the forest nearby. However that morning I read that they weren't going to start selling permits until tomorrow the 4th. Unfortunately DSH has to work all weekend and while he has Monday off again the kids will be in school and they don't get out until almost 4 so that wouldn't leave much daylight to get our tree.

So we discussed going to go ol'Wally World to get our tree the true American Way. You know buying it from a mass merchandising company that already gets way too much of our hard earned dollars....;)

And please keep your fingers crossed that the man can get off early enough to do this as poor Peaches is really really really counting on us getting our tree this afternoon. I'm not sure why she's so set on getting it today but she's already a pre-teen hormonal crying mess these days we don't need something else upsetting her. ;)

Thursday, December 2, 2010

On the second day of December my true love gave to me.....

....Okay, so really this series of postings isn't about what my true love gave to me, but I just like that title so I'm going with it. ;)

The second thing I love about the holiday season is how nice people seem to become. I say seem because most of them probably don't actually mean it but the fact that they went through the effort to say it shows that they maybe give a darn, even if it's a little bit.

And yes, there is some sadness to the fact that people feel compelled to say "Happy Holidays" instead of "Merry Christmas" but we do have to show some respect for our Jewish friends and neighbors. Actually I don't know if I have any Jewish neighbors but I do have Jewish friends and I'm of the mind set that their holiday is just as important as mine.

So the next time someone is nice enough to wish you "Happy Holidays" don't get offended, feel happy that they cared enough to say something pleasant and that they were aware enough to know that not everyone celebrates Christmas.

And even if you are having a really stinky day, try to be pleasant to others, as it is truly one of the best parts of this season!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

On the first day of December my true love gave to me.....

....well nothing actually except some laundry and three messy kids to clean up after.

No seriously.....the real reason I'm posting is I decided to try to do a post each day about what I love about the holiday season. There are so many things that we should stop to enjoy and appreciate but not many do during this busy time of year.

So here's my attempt to remember the joy of the season......

The first thing I love about the Christmas season is the music! In case you haven't noticed I've changed the tunes on my blog and did so the day after Thanksgiving. I just love, Love, LOVE Christmas music!!! There's never any sad stories, well okay usually there isn't but there is that one song about the shoes the kid is trying to buy his mother, but I refuse to listen to that song as it is so dang depressing and if I want to get depressed I can just look at my bank balance or the ever growing pile of laundry. ;)

At Christmas time I want cheerful, full of hope music. And that's usually what I get. Okay, so again Whams "Last Christmas" isn't that happy but in all actuality it isn't even a Christmas song, so there! HA! Alright, I'm getting kind of cocky here. I'll shut up, close this post and go do some laundry while I listen to my beloved Christmas tunes turned up high!!!!!!!!!!!