Friday, December 3, 2010

On the third day of December my true love gave to me...

....hopefully a Christmas tree! ;)

With that oh-so-subtle hint I'm sure you have been able to figure out that the next thing I love about the holidays is the grand old Christmas tree. Is there anything better than a nicely lit, beautifully scented Christmas tree at night when it's dark out and the children are all snuggled in bed, silenced by their slumber that, while it may have taken it's sweet time getting here, has finally arrived??? I think not! =)

When I was growing up we always had to have a fake tree as our dog Koko would try to eat the ornaments off of a real tree thinking they tasted as good as the tree smelled. The year after he passed away we finally got a real tree and it was a bittersweet experience, because although we all loved the smell of the tree we knew we had it because the dog was no longer with us. *sniff sniff*

Fast forward several years to 2005 when my in-laws gave us their fake tree as they had moved and no longer had the vaulted ceilings that the humongous tree needed to stand up. We used that tree for three years and then realized we had accumulated too much furniture in our tiny living room to use the tree anymore. See it was almost as wide as it was tall. Here's a picture that shows how big it was...... takes up HALF of the room, which is hard to see here, so you'll have to trust me.

The next year we purchased a real tree that was tall but not so wide.

And while I do miss the grand stateliness of that huge fake tree, I so do not miss putting it up. I was usually the only one to do it and every single time I would end up with little red dots all over my arms where the tree touched my skin. It didn't really itch so much as it hurt. So when we decided to get a real tree I was not all that disappointed.

Back to why today hopefully my true love will give me a tree......

Last Monday the kids had the day off from school and Dear Sweet Hubby was only to work a half day. So we thought we'd go get a $10 permit to cut down our own tree in the forest nearby. However that morning I read that they weren't going to start selling permits until tomorrow the 4th. Unfortunately DSH has to work all weekend and while he has Monday off again the kids will be in school and they don't get out until almost 4 so that wouldn't leave much daylight to get our tree.

So we discussed going to go ol'Wally World to get our tree the true American Way. You know buying it from a mass merchandising company that already gets way too much of our hard earned dollars....;)

And please keep your fingers crossed that the man can get off early enough to do this as poor Peaches is really really really counting on us getting our tree this afternoon. I'm not sure why she's so set on getting it today but she's already a pre-teen hormonal crying mess these days we don't need something else upsetting her. ;)

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