Saturday, May 14, 2011

It's been a LONG 3 months...

Oh where do I begin....let's see how about right after my last post.

I GOT A JOB!!!!!!!! Yay me! I now work for the Girl Scouts of Colorado and I LOVE IT!!!! So that was good.

But right before I got that news I got some not so good sister was diagnosed with breast cancer. Talk about a sucker punch to the gut. She was determined to think positive when she told me so that helped a ton! In her words "I'm too stubborn to let this get me!" That'a girl!!!!

Then a few days later I got my job. I was excited but then again not as excited as I could be.

THEN on the day of my sister's surgery to remove the cancer we learned that my father-in-law has prostate cancer! Really??? Is this some kind of sick joke??? It's not very funny at all if you ask me!

Poor DSH is having a hard time with this as his father's father died of prostate cancer. And even though they've come so far with cancer treatment since the late 70's/early 80's, it's still hard to think of your father having what your grandfather died from.

Then DSH applied for a promotion that would relocate us to Oregon. We would have only been 5-6 hours away from family. We tried to not get our hopes up but his interview went so well that we couldn't help but get carried away. Looking at houses online, checking out the area....but then he found out that they went with someone else. Probably someone closer so they didn't have to pay the moving expense that they would have to pay if they had chosen DSH. I was slightly relieved because it took me so long to find my job, which I love, and I was worried about finding a job in a town with 1/5 the population of our current city. But I was also so very sad that DSH got turned down again. He works so hard and has tried so many times to get promoted and moved out of his current terminal that his poor ego has taken quite the beating. And while I'm pretty darn sure that he hasn't been chosen yet because he's not close enough geographically and it's cheaper to go with someone closer, it's hard for him to not take it personally. So we are back to hoping something good will come along soon.

And as for my sister and DSH's father, they both sailed through their surgeries with no complications, thank goodness. My FIL does not have to have chemo but unfortunately my sister does. She's very discouraged by this, as hair loss is inevitable along with a multitude of other side effects, but my mom and I keep telling her that it's better than the alternative. So if you have a moment please think a positive thought for our family members with cancer and also hope for a cure of this dreaded disease soon!!!

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Danelle said...

My dad was diagnosed with prostate cancer this past year. He caught it VERY early and should be fine, but still had to have a surgical treatment that...well, lets just say it didn't sound very fun!