Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Genetics.....a blessing or a curse???

Okay so I can't really complain about my genetics.

I mean I am 5'9" tall which I'm told most women would like to be, even though I've found it to be a kind of hindrance in my life sometimes. I also have been told I look younger than I really am, which I thank my youthful looking mother for.

But then again I do have my real father's temper, which I'm not so grateful for. I grew up with that. I don't want my kids to grow up with it too. So I'm taking measures to make sure that doesn't happen.

But then there are the genetics that we don't learn about in 8th grade science. Like the genes that can make it a whole lot easier for you to get cancer or other ailments.

Why am I talking about this oh-so-happy topic? Well my sister was diagnosed with breast cancer back in February and now it looks like I'm about to find out if that same fate could await me. On August 2nd I have to go in for genetic testing and if it's found I have the BRCA I & II gene then I'll be more than likely going in for a double mastectomy. I know, you are probably thinking "Isn't that a bit radical and extreme?" But insurance companies prefer to pay for that and a reconstruction than cancer treatment down the line. And if it means avoiding cancer, never having to have a mammogram and having perky girls again, then where's the downside?

Then there are my DSH's genes. His mom had a problem with a too-short Achilles tendon and DSH had the same problem. And his dad was just diagnosed with prostate cancer, which DSH's dad's dad died from back in the late 70's. So now DSH has to be proactive about his prostate health as well. And we can't forget that my mother-in-law has diabetes, which her father had as well, so now that's another thing we have to be on the lookout for with DSH.

With all that we have had happen health-wise with our families it makes me worry about what we've passed on to our children. But then again if we sit and worry about that all day long then people would stop having children and the human race would die out.

So I guess for as much as genetics is a crap shoot we just have to put a blind eye to what 'may' happen and roll the dice anyway.