Saturday, October 13, 2012

Who I am

For years I've heard people say "Turning 40 is not as bad as you think.  It helped me realize who I was and be happy with it." 

Well at least something to that nature.

And for years I thought they were cray-cray (aka crazy to those of you not in the know :) )

I mean how could you not know who you were for the first 40 years of your life?  Wouldn't you know who you were before that?

But now that I'm less than 6 months away from that wonderful milestone I know exactly what they were talking about.

These are the things I am completely 100% sure I know about myself..........

If an article of clothing has a stripe or a polka dot, I WILL be attracted to it!

I LOVE argyle socks

I will NEVER be able to grow my hair out, so why keep trying.

I can be tired and yet have energy that others don't understand.

I am also the queen of TMI (too much information for those of you not in the know)

Try as I might I will never be high maitenance.

I absolutely adore high heels but I cannot wear them for very long.

I know there is that I know about myself but the one thing I know the most about myself these days is that my memory is so not what it used to be!! ;)

Sunday, September 30, 2012

My Sweet B

Have you ever had that one friend that you just felt a heart connection with?
That one friend that when you first see their eyes you realize that your souls have this connection that is just above and beyond anything tangible?

Don't get me wrong I have a connection with all my true friends, but with this one friend, B, I have something a bit more. 

I call her my Soul Sister as sometimes it seems as if we are sisters because our similarities are so numerous.

Well recently B has had some health issues/scares that have forced her hand in taking control of her weight.  She was not of the Twiggy body type, if you know what I mean.  And she had tried in the past but like most normal people had trouble sticking with it.  I don't blame her, I mean I've been there done that myself too many times to mention.

But she finally posted pictures today on Facebook and this is a woman who DID NOT like to post pictures of herself.  And can I just say that I cried happy tears as I knew that she had been truly trying and that she had success!!!  She's not there completely but she's getting there and I could NOT be more proud of her!  I always thought she was so gorgeous before but now everyone else can see what I saw.

Oh crud here I go again, I'm crying those happy tears.  You just don't understand how happy I am that she's been so successful.  Even though I don't see her every day and even though I don't email or chat with her often enough now that I'm working again, I would be totally devestated if she hadn't taken control and her health issues took her away from us.

And right now I am giving her the biggest cyber hug possible.  I love you B!!!  Keep up the good work my dear!  The next time you go to do something good for you and your health and you feel a teensy bit of weakness just imagine me on your shoulder cheering you on, because I am even though we are miles apart!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

I had such plans to write something clever....

......but all I can think of right now is:
"                                                        "
Yep my brain is blank.

Well okay not exactly blank because a brain can't exactly be blank, well maybe if you are no longer walking this Earth, but that's morbid and sad so let's not go there.

I hadn't planned to write anything because like I said earlier I can't think of anything.

Which, technically, is wrong again because I'm always thinking of something.

So let's just say I wasn't thinking of anything worth sharing.

But I guess I am sharing about how I couldn't think of sharing.

Wow!  I feel like I'm having an argument with myself.  Is that even possible?  Well I guess it's possible in someone with multiple personalities, well okay maybe not as it is kind of hard for two personalities to be in control at the same time.  I mean they show in the movies but if I remember correctly from my numerous psychology classes in college (that aren't doing me much good right now career-wise) it's kind-of-sort-of-unheard-of to have two personalities out at once.  So I guess it is impossible to have an argument with one's self.

Anyway,I'm going to veg for a while before going to bed.  So hopefully my non-post was something of a post after all!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Yes I'm a GLEEk

Ah yes, I remember it well.

I had friends who were going on and on about this new show "Glee" and how cool it was and how they couldn't wait for the next episode.

I have to admit I thought the whole concept was corny.

Me!  The fan of movie musicals thought the idea of a tv musical show was corny.

Me!  The person who has 26 25 Pandora stations!

Me!  The person who counted down the days till the "American Idol" premiere.  (Mainly for the auditions, those are hilarious)

Then it happened.

We got a DVD player that had WiFi and we could get a Netflix streaming account.  So we did.  Then I decided one summer day to check out this "Glee" and see what it was all about.




Now I am official card-carrying member of the GLEEk club.  I can't wait for the next new show to air.  I mean I even rewatched last season's finale before the new season's premier tonight.

Of course there is a downside (well probably many but that's a different posting) of being such a GLEEk.....................................................................................................................................I have to wait a whole week till the next new one comes out. :(

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Guilty as charged

When it comes to things we hate to admit to other people I'm sure this one probably is low on the list for most people.  And I have to admit I'm not all that ashamed to admit it here goes.....

I listen to "grandma music" as my friend Suzi calls it.

We're talking Frank Sinatra.

Dean Martin.

Burt Bacharach.

Louis Armstrong.

Glenn Miller.

Tom Jones.

You know, the music our generations grandparents listened to.

I like it, I think it's classic.  Plus it's a definite change from today's music that can be somewhat grating sometimes.

Of course I like all kinds of music.  We're talking a range from Glenn Miller to Mozart to Metallica.  I just don't go for hard rap or hard core hip hop.  I prefer the rap and hip hop from the early 90's.  If I'm going to listen to that.

I have 26 Pandora stations and it all depends on what day it is and what mood I'm in as to what station I'm going to listen to. 

Wait scratch that, I have 25 stations and my husband has 1. ;)

Okay so we could eliminate the 4 Christmas stations I have as well as there is only one time of the year that is acceptable to listen to.

And I do gladly pay for the premium Pandora, so I don't have to listen to commercials.  A bonus any day of the year but more so with election season upon us.

So the next time you hear some easy listening, say "Walk On By" or "Delilah" just think of me rockin' out to it, because I rock out to every thing, even easy listening. :)

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Oh blog, why have I shunned you so?

I don't know, maybe it's just life happening. How does the saying go....."Life's what happens while you are busy making other plans"? I think John Lennon said that and if he did he is so correct. 


It happens whether we want it to or not. 

That dreaded test still happens. 

 That unpleasant dentist appointment. 

Our kids growing up while we were still busy being ticked off they left their dirty laundry everywhere! 

No matter how hard we try to stop it or slow it down, it just happens. 

The key is to enjoy it while it's happening. I have two friends from high school that can tell you all too well to not take life or the little things for granted. Both have had major losses in their lives recently and my heart just aches for them. I wish I had a wand to wave and make everything better. 

But I can't. 

All I can do is learn from them and realize that nothing is for certain and nothing lasts forever.

So give me all you got life.  I can take it!  

But if you could grant me the ability to come back here and write whatever is on my mind I'd really appreciate it.  I do love writing random thoughts, and if you know me well you know I have lots of those.

So if you are reading this, which logic stands to reason that yes you are if you are here, well maybe you're not I mean you could just be looking at my awesome background, or visiting one of my favorite blogs to go to, but anyway, if you are reading this, please take the time to stop and smell the roses, so to speak.  Life may not be perfect right now, but it's all you got so make the best of it!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Not enough time...... do all I want or need to do!

 I want to write in my blog more but then again I need to keep up with the laundry and the dishes!

 I want to read more at night but then again I need to be able to read when I'm not tired and that's not at night!

I want to get back into painting ceramics but I need more money to buy the supplies and that means working which means less time to do the painting!

I want to get back into shape and lose this gut I'm rockin' right now, but I need more time and energy to actually do something about it!

 I want a bigger house, but again I need more money to do that too!

 It seems like life can so easily turn into "I want/I need" but right now I think I'll just stick with "I'm grateful".

 I'm grateful my family is healthy and happy.

I'm grateful I have a job that I don't mind doing and that allows be to be with some really great ladies while I'm there.

 I'm grateful that my sister and father-in-law are doing so well after being diagnosed with cancer 18 months ago.

I'm grateful that our dog we adopted in March is such a sweetheart and seems to learn pretty quickly for a puppy.

I'm grateful that we were able to turn our loft into a fourth bedroom so Peaches can have the privacy an 11 year old girl so desperately needs.

 And I'm grateful that I'm still so madly in love with my sweet husband, cause life would pretty much stink if I wasn't.

 And lastly I'm grateful that it is my bedtime as I am pooped, days off are almost more tiring that work days! ;)

Monday, August 6, 2012

Hi! Remember me?

I can't believe it's been over a year since my last post on here. I love writing about random things and I think the whole working and being a mom to three kids has kind of taken over my life. Plus there is that little thing called Facebook that takes up what down time I get, which is decreasing as the kids get older. But I really must get back on here. I think it's good therapy to be able to ramble on about whatever is bugging me lately. Speaking of bugs.......we have been infested with them. Okay okay that sounds far worse than it is, but that's what it feels like. You see back in March we adopted a beautiful puppy which we named Samoa, Sammie for short. And since she isn't in the habit of letting us know when she needs to go out we have just left the back door open for her to go in and out as needed. It was okay when the weather wasn't so warm, but now that it is the middle of summer the flies are horrid! We keep talking about getting a doggy door but that's all it's been so far, talk. Sure we look on craigslist...... Sure we check out the prices online.....and gag at how much they want.... Sure we say we'll make it a priority with the next paycheck, but it hasn't happened yet. So until then we have a fly strip by the back door (gross I know) and one in the laundry room (which doesn't attract as many flies as you'd think) and at least a few in the garage (cat litter boxes are a major attraction for flies). Do I worry about unexpected guests showing up and seeing these disgusting things? You bet your life I do, but I worry more about a fly landing on my food! So keep your fingers crossed for two things to happen..... One for me to come back and write some more...... And two for me to convince the hubby that a doggy door is at the top of the priority list!!!!