Sunday, September 30, 2012

My Sweet B

Have you ever had that one friend that you just felt a heart connection with?
That one friend that when you first see their eyes you realize that your souls have this connection that is just above and beyond anything tangible?

Don't get me wrong I have a connection with all my true friends, but with this one friend, B, I have something a bit more. 

I call her my Soul Sister as sometimes it seems as if we are sisters because our similarities are so numerous.

Well recently B has had some health issues/scares that have forced her hand in taking control of her weight.  She was not of the Twiggy body type, if you know what I mean.  And she had tried in the past but like most normal people had trouble sticking with it.  I don't blame her, I mean I've been there done that myself too many times to mention.

But she finally posted pictures today on Facebook and this is a woman who DID NOT like to post pictures of herself.  And can I just say that I cried happy tears as I knew that she had been truly trying and that she had success!!!  She's not there completely but she's getting there and I could NOT be more proud of her!  I always thought she was so gorgeous before but now everyone else can see what I saw.

Oh crud here I go again, I'm crying those happy tears.  You just don't understand how happy I am that she's been so successful.  Even though I don't see her every day and even though I don't email or chat with her often enough now that I'm working again, I would be totally devestated if she hadn't taken control and her health issues took her away from us.

And right now I am giving her the biggest cyber hug possible.  I love you B!!!  Keep up the good work my dear!  The next time you go to do something good for you and your health and you feel a teensy bit of weakness just imagine me on your shoulder cheering you on, because I am even though we are miles apart!


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I'm overwhelmed right now. How do you thank somebody for being such a friend and loving you like this? I will keep this in my heart on the good days as well as the hard days. I love you, Julie, and I'm so glad God put you in my life.